Terry Kelly

1938 - 1984


Paul Kelly is trying to locate photographs of
the race cars of his late father, Terry Kelly

Paul tells his father's story: "Terry was both a competitor and official at early meetings.

The cars he was involved in building and racing were, Rilley/Ford Special, similar to the one photographed by Simon Brady here, car 16.

The Kelly family are the current owners of the "Sherwill Holden" car 25 from Simon Brady's photography here, I assume the 25 car is driven by the late Bill Sherwill and not Jack Myers (Car currently under restoration).

The other photo is of the Sherwill Holden under restoration and due for completion in the coming months. This car has been in the Kelly family for 30 years and we have a detailed history on this car.


Terry Kelly built and raced the Rileford special (car #15 and 90# below) in the early 60's at the Hume Weir. I have received confirmation that the supercharged Ford photographed by Simon Brady and the Rileford are indeed two separate cars. We have no idea what happened to this car.

image           image

The next car in question is the Weirwolf car (car #30 and 58# below) built by Terry Kelly/ Peter Wilson and raced by Terry Kelly at Hume Weir/Tarrawingee in the early 1960's. This car was a rear engined Holden grey motor with V.W. rear end. We believe this car was sold to a chap in Tasmania in the early 60's, and would love to know whether it still exists.

image         image

Car #68 with radial tank engine is "Puff" a project undertaken by Allan Horsley (of Oran Park and Mazda fame), Terry Kelly and others. It trialled at Hume Weir in the early 60's. We know little of it. We think the project disbanded and the car dismantled, this car was also known as the "Continental". UPDATE 6/9/13: Allan Horsley informed me that is he who is driving Puff in the photo.

image              image

Any persons of interest or photographs from this era and regions maybe significant in our endeavours to find out more about these early specials”.

If you would like to contact Paul, please use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page, and I will forward your details to him.

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