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Australia Links

  • 7 Club of South Australia Inc  For those interested in motoring, vehicle restoration or motorsport  28/2/05
  • Tam’s Old Race Car Site  Great USA race photos and movies from the 1960’s and more. 8/8/03
  • Earlyholdens.com  Covers all models up to the HG Holden  21/7/03
  • Program Covers The biggest online collection of Motor Racing and Hydroplane program covers 14/6/03
  • Tasman-Series.com – Covers the 2.5L days of the Tasman series, 1964-69
  • Austin 7 Club – Organisers of the historic Winton race meeting
  • Monaro Car Club Of South Australia Inc – Established in 1978 with membership base of over 100

New Zealand Links