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Purpose of the archive

2002 - 2021

The purpose of this site was to encourage the preservation and sharing of early car racing amateur photography, particularly colour transparencies (slides) as well as black & white, colour photos and film.

Not many professional colour images exist from the early days because none of the publications at that time were printed in colour.  Therefore the only full living colour pictorial history of our great sport lays dormant (and turning to mould !) in cupboards of the average spectator.  Worse still,  it may be being thrown out !

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This picture (above) shows me having a look at the sad remains of the defunct Surfers Paradise Raceway in the late 1980's.

The place has since been flattened and redeveloped.

Current status of the website

2022 onwards

I have maintained this website since 2002. Back then, there were few avenues for people to upload their images to the web. Now there are other means, making this site largely redundant.

I will continue to maintain this site, still at my own expense, as a service to the motor racing community. I will however no longer post any new content.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the site over the years. It was a fun time!.

Regards, Chris

How Much Does Car Accidents in Motorsport Cost?

If we speak about ordinary accidents that take place on the city road, we would probably call the traffic police, draw up all the necessary documents, and go to our insurance companies to get coverage for the damage. But there is no such system in motorsport. All that remains is to get to the pits, take the car to the mechanics, and hope that they will have enough spare parts to repair the car for the next race.

Naturally, each crash in motorsport is carefully considered by the judges. They examine all the available materials in order to decide who was responsible for the accident. And the causer will get what he deserves - from sports penalty seconds and loss of positions at the start of the next race to disqualification and the possible license revocation for unsportsmanlike conduct. Compensation for the injured party is usually out of the question.

When it comes to the top of motorsports, for example, Formula 1, DTM, Formula 2, or Formula E, crashes are a part of the team's budget cap, and they will pay for a car repair themselves. However, if the crash is caused by something that is wrong with the track, either the track or the FIA will pay for the crash. When we speak about a bit lower motorsports like Formula 3, team owners usually get insurance on each car. The world leader in race car insurance is MIS Motorsport.

Motorsport accidents can be classified into three categories - accidents involving the support staff, accidents involving spectators, and accidents involving the driver. Depending on the accident and the type of damage, expenses may come from $100,000-$150,000 to a few million dollars. If more than one car crashes in the same accident, the cost may increase significantly.