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Terry Allan, want ever happened to him or his Camaro?

image Does anyone know of Terry's whereabouts?  It would be good to know that he is still about somewhere, and to see if he would autograph a photo.  It seems a shame that one of our V8 touring car pioneers  seems to have been forgotten.


I know that Terry moved to the USA after selling the Camaro to Graham Blanchard, perhaps to setup a Speed Shop.  Blanchard sold the car to Lakis Manticas.  It then may have been sold to a drag racer and I have not heard of it since.

Terry visited Australia in the late 1970's/early 1980's as the manager of a band or rock group!!!  I believe old acquaintances such as Dave Price and Wayne Mahnken have lost contact with him.

NEW!  Ian Schilling recalls an insident involving Terry Allan:   "I remember the first time he fronted the ex Muir EH at Calder. Head scrutineer was Headley (Deadly Headley) Thompson. The rule was that your name could be displayed on the side of the car, x long & 3 inches high. They had a template for goodness sake! Well the "Y" of Terry was too deep and was below the template. Despite much bitter argument Terry had to put a small bit of masking tape over the bottom of the "Y" before he could run!!!"

Norm Beechey's HK Monaro

  • The HK Monaro  Here's a photo of the remains of Norm Beechey's HK Monaro.   It spent 18 months in a paddock rusting away before being saved (below).


  • Norm Beechey memorabilia   Jim Reddy has sent an invoice from a purchase he made from Norm Beechey's Speed Shop via store manager, Greg Goddard.

    Greg Brewer scanned his Norm Beechey Speed Shop sticker and sent the image via email.

    I found a Norm Beechey kids helmet in a Brunswick (where else!!) op shop.  It has Norm's autograph embossed on it.  

image            image           image

Does anyone else have Norm Beechey memorabilia or any other motor racing memorabilia??


John McCormack Ansett Charger

I have had a request from the owner of the ex-John McCormack Ansett Charger sports sedan who is looking for information to restore the car.

He asks: "We don't know what colour the car was underneath. If anyone has a pit photo with a wheel off would help. Likewise some early shots of the interior would suggest the dash area is still "Chrysler brown" whilst the rest of it appears to be flat black."

If you have any information, please email me and I will pass it on to the owner.

Where are they now???

 Do you know of the whereabouts of any cars of drivers  from the past?  Do you have any photos of famous cars as they are today?  Restoration photos?

Paint Codes

Does anyone know the paint codes for any famous racing colours?  How about the Shell Team "Electric Blue" colour for instance? 

"Missing" Photographers

In search of "professional" photographers and other photographers who contributed to motor racing magazines from the 60's and 70's period and may wish to contribute to the website. 

NSW The late Bruce Blackley, David Cratchley, Bruce Leeson (found), Gary Else (found), Ian Elliott, Ian Meloney, Ean Jones, Leo Thomas, Rob Luck, Peter Haywood, Jim Psaros, Rod McKenzie (found), Ron Lovett, Darrel Bird, Ray Finnerran, David Campbell, Don Tetley (found),  Barry Cooke, Lindsay Hogan, Nigel Foote (found), Errol Pinkeron, George Petrovsky. 
VICTORIA Chris Brown, Tony Stott (found), Kevin Harrison, John Van Dyk, Garry Goff (found), Peter Haywood, Ian Duncan (found), Kurt Vaughan, Mike Swan, Russell Andrews, Terry Russell, Terry Russell, John Ferguson.  
QLD  Wal McGreal, Peter Geran (found), Jim Psaros, James Pascoe. 
SA Rod Gibb.
WA Phil Arlow, S.Bannister, Alan W Yates, Mike Cuss, Peter Longley (found), Graeme Harris, G.Mattingly
TAS  David Keep, Geoff Harrison.
New Zealand Gavin Shaw (found), Jack Inwood (found),  Peter Colcord (found), John Stone.
State Unknown Bill Forsyth (found),, Barry Nancarrow (found), Leo Thomas, Rod McKenzie.


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