Racing Driver Names - S to Z

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Ralph Sach
Brian Sala
David Sala
Ray Salway
 Brian Sampson
 Howie Sangster
 Frank Saracino
 Roy Sawyer
 Terri Sawyer
 John Sax
 Fred Sayers
 Vern Schuppan
 Gary Scott
 Glynn Scott
 Wally Scott
 Ernie Seeliger
 Dave Seldon
Barry ‘Bo' Seton
 Glenn Seton
 Barry Sharp
 Keith Shaw
 Terry Shiel
 lan Shields
 Ken Shirvington
 Bruce Shore
 Barry Singleton
Mark Skaife
 Russell Skaife
Bob Skelton
 Tim Slako
 Graeme Smelt
 Lester Smerdon
Alan Smith
Charlie Smith
 Clem Smith
 Don Smith
 Greame Smith
 Jim Smith
 John Smith
 Reg Smith
 Tim Smith
Tom Solomon
 Joe Sommariva
Barry Southgate
 Maurice Spalding
 Gary Spence
 George Spilio
 Bernie Stack
 Mike Stack
 Roger Stanley
 Stan Starcevich
 Robert Steele
 Gordon Stephenson
 David Sternberg
 Don Sternberg
 Bob Stevens
 Rod Stevens
 Gordon Stevenson
 Laurie Stewart
 Bruce Stewart
Jackie Stewart
 Jim Stewart
 Max Stewart
 Tony Stewart
 Bib Stillwell
 Mike Stillwell
 Stephen Stockdale
 John Stoopman
 Owen Stringer
 Alexander Surplice
 Wayne Sweetland
 Charlie Swinburn


 Chas Talbot
 Barry Tapsall
Bruce Taylor
 Herb Taylor
 Scotty Taylor
 Sid Taylor
 Evan Thomas
 Jack Thompson
 Bryan Thomson
 lan Thomson
 Tony Thwaites
 Ivan Tighe
Bob Tindal
 Frank Tobin
 Greg Toepfer
 Don Toffolon
 Steve Tollet
 Allan Tomlinson
 Noel Trees
 Murray Trenberth
 Colin Trengrove
 Rocky Tresise
 Bill Tuckey
 Bob Tweedie
 Don Ubergang
 Les Verco
 Herb Vines
Leopold Von Bayern
 Craig Volkers
 Max Volkers
 Richard Vorst
Matt Wacker
 Geoff Wade
 Terry Wade
 Kevin Waldock
Peter Wallace
Scott Walton
Peter Walton
 John Walker (SA)
 John Walker
 Jonnie Walker
 Bruce Walter
 Ron Wanless
 Phil Ward
 Tony Ward
 Clive Warnes
 John Warton
Bruce Watt
Alan Watts
 Andrew Watts
 Norm Watts
 Phill Webb
Warren Weldon
 Allen Welling
 lan Wells
 Des West
 Neil West
 John Wharton
 Charlie Whatmore
 Brian Wheeler
 John White
 lan White


Doug Whiteford
Peter Whitehead
 Alan Whitely
Geoff Whiter
 Gary Whittaker
 Warren Wigram
Garth Wigston
 Bill Wilcox
 Darryl Wilcox
 Peter Williamson
 Garry Willmington
 Graeme Wilson
 Robert Wilson
 Vic Wilson
 Garth Wingston
 Brian Winsall
 Ray Winter
 Roger Withers
 Hank Woelders
 Peter Woodward
 Cam Worner
 Russell Worthington
 Barry Wraith
 Bruce Wright
 John Wright
 Arthur Wylie
 Bevan Wylie
 Ken Wylie
 John Youl
Brett Youlden
 Kent Youlden
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