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By Chris Meaden

As a boy growing up on a farm in Koo-Wee-Rup, I remember going to our 'local' speedway that was Nyora Speedway.

When we first started going , the speedway was still the original dirt circuit (see circuit map below), although it was converted a couple of years later to its current conventional oval format.  I would love to see some photos of the original circuit.


This photo of the oval was taken by my father circa 1974

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I remember that spectators on the main straight were protected by an earth bank that were topped with large tree logs.  It may seem a bit agricultural now, but it was probably safer than the single row of Armco that protected spectators around parts of Calder around that era. 

The photos immediately below were taken with my first camera, an old Box Brownie, circa 1967/8. They are photos of cars in the pits from possibly the very first race meeting after Nyora was converted to an oval. Missed by THAT much. If only I had taken up photography when I was still in the pram! 

image image image image image image

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I remember diverse cars such as a red rear-engined single-seater type vehicle that seem to have the Holden six cylinder engine hanging out the back , a blue beach buggy and a grey Standard Vanguard utility (rear panels removed) that only ever completed three quarters of a lap before conking out!  I found that rather  disappointing as my father had a similar vehicle at that time.

I had kept an event program from one of the first race meetings I attended, but I have not seen it for years, so it may have gone astray.  It was printed on an A4 sized piece of paper.

If you have anything you would like to add to this page about Nyora Speedway (or any other speedway), either photographs, programs or words, please contact me via one of the methods listed at the bottom of this page. 

I have never been to Daylesford Speedway, but this (presumably) current day footage reminds me of the carefree early days of Nyora Speedway: CLICK HERE



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