I have an email from the owner of this open wheel race car.  If you have any information on the car, contact me via one of the methods listed at the base of the page and I will pass the info on.

I have been looking for the history on an open wheeler from the 1960s to 70s, maybe a hillclimb car from the Sydney area. We have it in our shed but no one knows what it is. I like to know anyone with any records from that era.

This is what I know about the car, it was last raced by Ed Crain in 1976/77. He was a member of the Sydney Sporting Car Club and it was raced at Amaroo and Oran Park.  Maybe only on club days – not sure.

It had a BMC engine and he purchased the car from, I think, a Sydney hillclimber with the surname of Cole. This is as far in history I can get back.

I am looking for any results or history on these two drivers at the moment or if anyone can tell me who built the car and what it was built for. The car is a little bigger than a Formula Junior but the chassis has been modified a little in length. Any help would be great.