New Zealand Car Racing Photographs - Page 4

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0-1000cc race Bay Park Oct 1968

0-1000cc race Pukekohe Oct 1969

Bob Brown Lola T190 Chev Pukekohe Jan 1971

Chris Amon Ferrari 246T Pukekohe Jan 1969

Chris Amon Ferrari, Jim Clark Lotus 49T, Pedro Rodriguez BRM P126 Puke 1968

Ford Escort Bay Park Aug 1968

Graeme Lawrence March Bay Park 1980's

Jim Clark Lotus 49T, Laurence Brownlie Brabham BT18-21 Pukekohe 68

Paul Fahey, Red Dawson Mustang Pukekohe Oct 1969

Piers Courage McLaren M4A FVA Pukekohe Jan 1968

Porsche 911 at Pukekohe in Jan 1972

Red Dawson, Rod Coppins Mustang Pukekohe Jan 1969

Roger Anderson BMW 2002 Bay Park Oct 1969

Roy Harrington Hillman Imp Bay Park Aug 1968

Roy Harrington Hillman Imp Pukekohe Jan 1968

More slides from Mike Feisst. 23/12/06

Alan Boyle Coke Cola Viva

Paul Fahey PDL Mustang circa 1973.

David Oxton Begg FM5 Chev Pukekohe 1973

Evan Noyes USA McRae GM1 Chevrolet Pukekohe 1973.

Frank Gardner Lola T300 Chev Pukekohe 1972.

Garry Pedersen NZ Begg FM4 Chev Pukekohe 1973.

John McCormack Elfin MR5 Repco Pukekohe 1973.

Johnnie Walker Lola T330 Repco Wigram NZ GP 1974.

Kevin Bartlett McLaren M10B Chev Pukekohe 1972.

Steve Thompson UK Chevron B24 Chev Pukekohe 1973.

Photo from new contributor Chris Gray. 14/10/06

Brent Bullivant Capri at Manfeild

Brent Bullivant Capri

Bruce Bellis V8 powered Cortina at Manfeild circa 1975

Bruce Robertson at Manfeild

Frank Bray Begg F5000 at Manfeild circa 1976

Gary Love Begg FM4 Chev at Manfeild International 1976

Graeme Lawrence Lola T332 Manfeild 1975

Ian Hoge Manfeild

Someone else suggests Robbie Booth Begg FM4 (ex-Gary Pedersen ?)

Jim Richards Team McMillan Falcon XA

Jim Richards Falcon Sports Sedan & Leo Leonard PDL Mustang

Jim Richards Winfield Falcon Sports Sedan

Peter Brock Gown-Hindaugh Torana L34 leads a Viva or Fiat? Manfeild 1975

Rex Hart Brambles Escort at Manfeild circa 1975

Rod Coppins Southern Comfort Torana L34 at Manfeild 1975

More of Brett Young's slides. 28/2/06
I am looking for yearly race meeting calendars, particularly from the 1960's and 1970's to help ascertain race meeting dates.  Please contact me if your would be willing to sent me scans of any calendars.

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