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Brett Young sent these slides. 22/1/05
Evan_Noyes_McLaren_M18_Chev_Puke_Jan_72.jpg (30851 bytes) Kevin_Bartlett_McLaren_M10B_Chev_Puke_Jan_72.jpg (38297 bytes) Kevin_Bartlett_Mildren_Pukekohe_Jan_70.jpg (37319 bytes) Graeme_McRae_McLaren_M10A_Bay_Park_Jan_70.jpg (41765 bytes) Red_Dawson_Mustang_Bay_Park_Jan_70.jpg (48601 bytes) Rod_Coppins_Camaro_Bay_Park_Jan_70.jpg (40595 bytes) Rod_Collingwood_Escort_TC_Puke_Jan_73__ex-Paul_Fahey.jpg (34336 bytes) Paul_Fahey_Escort_FVA_Bay_Park_Jan_70.jpg (31314 bytes) Frank_Gardner_Camaro_Pukekohe_Jan_73.jpg (36381 bytes) Alan_Boyle_Viva_2.0_TC_Puke_Jan_71.jpg (40786 bytes) Max_Pennington_Escort_TC_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (34032 bytes) Ron_Grable_Pontiac_TA_Firebird_Puke_69.jpg (46352 bytes) Rod_Coppins_Pontiac_Firebird_Puke_1972.jpg (44309 bytes) Gary Sprague Ford Escorts Bay Park Oct 68.jpg (41565 bytes) Bill_Leckie_Capri_Chev_V8_Bay_Park_Jan_77.jpg (33783 bytes) Art_McKee_Chev_Monza_Pukekohe_Jan_1977.jpg (37013 bytes) Dexter_Dunlop_McRae_S2_1600cc_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (30043 bytes) Mike_Goth_Surtees_TS5_Pukekohe_Jan_70.jpg (42065 bytes) Bill_Simpson_Eagle_51_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_70.jpg (38846 bytes) Niel_Allen_McLaren_M10B_Puke_1970.jpg (40453 bytes) Ulf_Norinder_Lola_T192_Pukekohe_Jan_70.jpg (41302 bytes) Ron_Grable_McLaren_M10A_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_70.jpg (34110 bytes) Frank_Matich_McLaren_M10A_Pukekohe_Jan_70.jpg (30881 bytes) Niel_Allen_McLaren_M10B_Pukekohe_Jan_70_Peter_Molloy.jpg (52427 bytes)
Derrick_Williams_UK_Lola_T142_Chev_Puke_Jan_70.jpg (32075 bytes) Baron_Robertson_Brabham_BT23C_Cworth_Puke_Jan71.jpg (32604 bytes) David_Oxton_March_701_Cosworth_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (30166 bytes) Teddy_Pillette_McLaren_M10A_Pukekohe_Jan_71_a.jpg (34146 bytes) Derrick_Williams_Lola_T142_Chev_Puke_Jan_71.jpg (29927 bytes) John_Cannon_McLaren_M10B_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (34578 bytes) Frank_Gardner_Lola_T192_Chev_Puke_Jan_71.jpg (32759 bytes) Robbie Francevic Katipo Pukekohe Jan 71.jpg (44409 bytes) Kevin_Bartlett_Mildren_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (31249 bytes) Frank_Matich_Matich_A50_Repco_Pukekohe_Jan_72.jpg (30916 bytes) Graeme_McRae_McLaren_M10B_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (32610 bytes) Graeme_Lawrence_Lola_T300_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_72.jpg (36588 bytes) Frank_Gardner_Lola_T300_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_72.jpg (45817 bytes) Garrie_Cooper_Elfin_MR5_Repco_Pukekohe_Jan_1972.jpg (34668 bytes) Warwick_Brown_Lola_T300_Pukekohe_Jan_73.jpg (28479 bytes) Max_Stewart_Lola_T330_Pukekohe_Jan_73.jpg (38441 bytes) Peter_Hughes_Begg_FM2_Chev_Pukekohe_Jan_72.jpg (33768 bytes) Joe_Chamberlain_Camaro_Trans-Am_Z-28_Pukekohe_Jan_71.jpg (33907 bytes) Jack Nazer Escort FVA Pukekohe Jan 71.jpg (27200 bytes) Paul Fahey Mustang Pukekohe Jan 71.jpg (33561 bytes)  Jim Palmer Porsche 911S Pukekohe Jan 1971.jpg (32315 bytes) Roy Harrington Escort TC Pukekohe Jan 71.jpg (33522 bytes) Clyde Collins Falcon GTHO Pukekohe Jan 71.jpg (42560 bytes) Red_Dawson_Chev_Monza_Pukekohe_Jan_77.jpg (37484 bytes) Alfa_Romeo_Bay_Park_Jan_1977.jpg (28093 bytes)
Mike Feisst kindly provided captions for most of his slides. Thanks also goes out go to Steven Holmes,
Bruce Thompson, Terry Marshall and Milan Fistonic for further information that contributed to the captions. 

Mike Feisst sent these slides. 27/10/04 and 27/11/04

Official race programs and  race meeting reports in magazines are used to give each photo an accurate and interesting caption.  I have a few New Zealand race reports from Australia's Racing Car News but little else. If anyone has scans from magazines or race programs that they would be willing to send me I would be most appreciative, particularly items from the 1960's and 1970's


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